Month: September, 2011

Happy Birthday to Sweet Things

· September 28, 2011 · 1:22 pm · Uncategorized

“She believed she could and so she did.”

What a difference a year makes.  Around this time last year, I had a ton of questions swirling around my head … What will people think if I don’t go back to work?  Will it be a waste of my degrees if I choose to be a stay at home mom?  If I do go back to work, will I regret it?  What is best for Sullivan?  Won’t I need something that’s still for myself?  Will I lose my identity? … I was never the girl who thought I would be a stay at home mom.  It wasn’t in my plan.  But the moment I had my little baby boy, I knew my life was different.  My plans were about to change.  I loved him so much and knew that I didn’t want to miss out on all of the moments while he was little.  So for one of the first times in my life, I chose not to worry about what everyone else would think and did what was in my heart.  I quit my job.


Becoming a mom gave me a lot of confidence that I didn’t know that I had.  I mean, I was responsible for raising a human being.  What could be harder and more important than that?  So I decided to visit a dream of mine of being a photographer.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it.  But a day spent shooting a wedding with another local photographer made me realize that I could.  Although I had taken several classes in both film and digital photography, I knew that I still had a lot of learning to do.  But I realized that I needed to set an example for my son.  If I was going to teach him that he could grow up to be anything he wanted to be, I needed to set that example.  So on September 28, 2010, while Sully was asleep on my chest, I decided to go for it.  I started a blog.


This past year has been great.  I had been so worried about losing my identity, but in reality, I found the me I had been searching for all along.  I feel like I am finally on the path that I was meant to be on.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to wake up to my little guy’s smiling face every day.  And being able to set my own schedule and be my own boss has worked out great for our family.  In one year, I feel like I have grown so much.  Not only as a person, but as a photographer.  I am constantly learning and trying to improve my craft.  I hope that it shows in the photos I take.


I love being able to capture such special moments in your life.  I love that I am helping to create memories that will last a lifetime.  I am so thankful to have had such amazing clients who have believed in me and stuck with me.  My business has grown so much because of each and every one of you.  Thank you for all of your kind words, your referrals, and for making such sweet little babies.  After all, their cuteness makes my job so much easier.  :)


I hope that I can continue to grow and learn in the years to come.  I look forward to watching your kids and families grow and capturing this in photographs.  I look forward to meeting those babies that are yet to be born.  And I look forward to seeing where this dream of mine will lead me.


Thank you to every one of you for your support over the past year.  This wouldn’t have been possible without you.




Ben! {Cincinnati Baby Photographer}

· September 27, 2011 · 2:08 am · Uncategorized

Hey hey!  I have a sweet little treat for you tonight called baby Ben!  I met this little guy several months back and he quickly became one of my favorite babies with his sweet little smile.  And that didn’t change tonight on his 1 year shoot.  Technically he’s a couple weeks away from his first birthday, but this little guy is already walking like a champ.  Talk about an early adapter!  :)  We had fun playing at the park tonight with his awesome mommy & daddy.  I don’t have a bad thing to say about these three … even though they are Browns fans.  Our session ended with a cake smash for Ben, which pretty much made it the best day of his life.  Here’s a sneak peek at their shoot!

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Irwin Family Reunion! {Cincinnati Family Photographer}

· September 26, 2011 · 1:53 am · Cincinnati Family Photography, Cincinnati Modern Family Photography, Family, Sweet

So much for rain.  This weekend turned out to be pretty amazing!  It was such perfect fall weather and a great day for some family photos.  So I met up with the Irwin family for a “family reunion” shoot.  Cousins Beckett and Wyatt are going to love growing up so close in age.  And how cute are they?!  The Irwin family is of German descent, as Beckett & Wyatt’s Omi (grandma) grew up there and Beckett’s mommy spent several years there as well.  So I loved hearing all of them sing to the babies sweet German songs.  This family was so great and so much fun to spend time with.  Here’s a sneak peek at their shoot!

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Aubry! {Cincinnati Children’s Photographer}

· September 25, 2011 · 1:44 am · Children, Cincinnati Family Photography, Cincinnati Kids Photography, Cincinnati Modern Family Photography, Cincinnati Modern Kids Photography, Family, Kids, Sweet

Okay, so I just might have the best job in the world.  What could beat going to parks and playing with sweet little babes?!  This evening I met up with sweet little Aubry for her 18 month photos.  Oh goodness … this cutie was a chatterbox.  She had so much to say and pretty much has the vocabulary of a 5 year old.  She is also quite the explorer.  She would see something that she wanted to investigate and take off at the speed of light.  I couldn’t get over how speedy she was.  Here is a sneak peek at her shoot with her beautiful mommy & daddy!

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Quinn & Tatum! {Cincinnati Baby Photographer}

· September 24, 2011 · 5:39 pm · Baby, Cincinnati Kids Photography, Cincinnati Modern Kids Photography, Sweet

Ohmygoodness … do I have a SWEET TREAT for you guys!  I met up this morning with Quinn & Tatum for their 1 year photo shoot.  They aren’t quite 1 yet, but aaaaalmost!  They were in such great spirits and ready to play.  I seriously think that this might be the world’s cutest family.  You won’t see mommy & daddy in the pics this time, but you could just spend a few minutes with these guys and just feel the crazy amount of love that they have for these two cuties.  It’s so refreshing.  Stay tuned next month to see these sweet things at their first birthday party!  But first, here’s a sneak peek at our shoot today!  XO.

And .. game over … :)

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Emilyn! {Cincinnati Newborn Photographer}

· September 17, 2011 · 8:48 pm · Uncategorized

Baby Emilyn is here!  You might remember the family session that I did with these guys a while back (you know, the gorgeous mama to be?).  Check it out here … .  I met up at their house this morning to get some pics of the little cutie.  She is just one week old.  Every time I go to a newborn shoot, I am surprised at how tiny these babes are!  I can’t remember my lil guy being that small!  Here are some sneaks from our shoot …

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Laynie! {Cincinnati Kids Photographer}

· September 17, 2011 · 7:40 pm · Children, Cincinnati Family Photography, Cincinnati Kids Photography, Cincinnati Modern Family Photography, Cincinnati Modern Kids Photography, Family, Kids, Sweet

Hey hey!  This morning I was invited up to Laynie’s beautiful home to participate in “The Laynie Show.”  She pretty much called the shots, did her own thing, and we followed along.  I just love her adorable style and little independent spirit.  What a cutie.  She’s sweet on the outside, but tough on the inside, which can be seen through her love of spiders.  Seriously.  Most kids you might have to bribe with toys, candy, or ice cream during a shoot.  Not Miss Laynie.  Promise her that she’ll be able to play with a spider and she’s all yours!  :)  Here are some sneaks from our shoot …

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Cooper, Max & Brody! {Cincinnati Childrens Photographer}

· September 17, 2011 · 2:28 am · Uncategorized

Good evening y’all!  I wanted to share some teaser pics before I head off to bed.  I spent some time with brothers Cooper (7), Max (4), and Brody (2) tonight for fun & photos.  Although Max might disagree that we were there for fun.  He just wasn’t that into the whole idea.  But what’s not fun about feeding the ducks, blowing bubbles, eating lollies, and running around on the playground?  Despite some resistance from these boys, I still managed to snag some sweet photos of them.  Here’s a sneak peek …

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What to Wear: September 2011

· September 16, 2011 · 12:32 am · Sweet, What to Wear Guides

Hi guys!!!  Are you loving this cooler weather or what?  I absolutely love this time of year!  Anywho, I have a ton of shoots coming up in the next 2 months and I know you guys are trying to come up with outfits!  So here is some wardrobe inspiration for your late September shoots!  Enjoy!

Baby Gregg to be {Cincinnati Maternity Photographer}

· September 10, 2011 · 1:19 am · Uncategorized

Oh man.  It feels like it’s been so long since my last shoot since I took some time off to get all settled into our new home.  I was so glad to get back behind the lens with the Gregg family this evening.  These two were so cute and so excited for their little bundle to arrive.  They are choosing not to find out the baby’s gender until he or she is born.  I admire that self control!  I could never do it.  :)  Baby Gregg is set to arrive on Thanksgiving day.  Smart baby … I wouldn’t miss out on turkey and mashed potatoes either!  Good luck with everything guys.  Take some time to enjoy each other before baby comes!  I can’t wait to meet him/her!

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